Yeti Airlines launches ‘electronic tag’ on domestic flights

Aircraft of Yeti Airlines parked at Pokhara airport. Photo: Vishwanews

Kathmandu: Yeti Airlines has introduced electronic baggage tags in domestic flights.

Starting from today, passengers traveling from Kathmandu via Yeti Airlines will have electronic tags on their luggage.

Yeti, that started the electronic boarding pass after the first lockdown, said that now the baggage tag has also been taken to the automatic system.

The electronic tag will mention the destination, flight number, tag number, passenger name and barcode.

While checking the passenger, along with the boarding pass of the passenger, the luggage tag will also be printed from the computer system.

The airlines have informed that it will help in the safety of the passengers as only the checked luggage will reach the destination without loading the extra luggage in the aircraft only after checking through the barcode reader.