Tilathi Koiladi Rural Municipality to distribute financial grant to farmer jointly with Khalti digital wallet

Kathmandu: In partnership with Nepal’s online payment service provider ‘Khalti’, Tilathi Koiladi Rural Municipality is providing agricultural meter tariff and household electricity tariff to about 4,500 farmer families in its area for using electronic equipment for irrigation and agricultural purposes.

Located at the south-eastern part of Saptari District, Tilathi’s farmers used to be engaged in agriculture using high cost equipment for irrigation and farming.

Now, under this scheme, Tilathi Koiladi Rural Municipality has given an annual grant of Rs. 1,200 / – (Twelve Hundred) along with payment of agricultural meter tariff and electricity tariff of Rs. 50 / – (Nepali Rupees fifty) to its farmers. In the implementation of the scheme, ‘Khalti’ will assist in payment through digital technology.

Mayor of Tilathi Koiladi Rural Municipality Satish Singh quoted, “This scheme is being implemented for the first time in the Rural Municipality and expects to help in the livelihood of all the farmers economically.

Such programs will also bring economic prosperity to the farmers. That is why such programs need to be continued and I am looking forward to coming up with other similar programs in the coming days too.”

Similarly, Chief Executive Officer of Khalti, Binay Khadka quoted: “We are very excited to work hand in hand with Tilathi Koiladi Rural Municipality to encourage the farmers. In addition, we have also requested government bodies to increase other subsidy programs targeting farmers. ”