U.S. based tea company Nepal Tea Collective Launches in Nepal

Kathmandu: New York based tea company, Nepal Tea Collective, is now in Nepal.

Since 2016, Nepal Tea Collective has been distributing Orthodox Nepali teas all over the United States and to buyers from over 42 countries. Till date, they have sold more than 10 million cups of tea world-wide.

They are now enthused to launch their teas in the Nepali market. Led by second and third generation tea producers, Nishchal Banskota and Pratik Rijal, Nepal Tea Collective was founded with the vision of disrupting the outdated and exploitative supply-chains that dominate the tea industry.

Nepali tea farmers don’t have access to global markets, making them reliant on long supply-chains of middlemen that keep them earning less than $2 a day.

Nepal Tea Collective has drastically shortened this supply chain for their farmers, directly connecting them to global buyers.

Recently, Amigo Khadka, a seasoned professional who has experiences from working in Wall Street to founding and scaling startups, joined as a co-founder with the dream of making Nepali tea a global household brand.

As a part of this vision for global expansion, Nepal Tea Collective is bringing their offerings to Nepal.

While thousands of international buyers have experienced the freshness and rare flavors of premium Nepali teas, many Nepali tea lovers have yet to experience the best of teas Nepal has to offer.

For tea drinkers who are eager to test Nepal Tea Collective’s teas are now available to order online on Daraz or through their website, nepalteacollective.com.np.