Tourism ministry proposes cabinet to remove quarantine for tourists

Photo Courtesy: Nepal Tourism Board

Kathmandu: A proposal to remove the provision of compulsory quarantine for tourists visiting Nepal has reached the Cabinet. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has sent a proposal to the cabinet for the tourists who come with a negative report of PCR test within 72 hours by collecting swabs at the airport and allowing them to roam freely.
As per the ministry, conceptually, all the bodies have agreed on our proposal. It will be implemented after it is passed by the cabinet.
The Ministry of Tourism has proposed that PCR will not be required again if the corona vaccine is completed.

For tourists coming to Nepal now, proof of hotel booking is required to stay in quarantine.
Entrepreneurs are also in favor of removing the strict provisions for tourists as the environment is becoming more conducive. Now the mountaineering season has started in Nepal.