Supreme Court issues show cause order on TikTok ban decision

Kathmandu: In a significant legal development, the Supreme Court (SC) has taken a decisive step by issuing a show cause order in response to the government’s controversial decision to ban the popular social networking site, TikTok.

Justice Binod Sharma, presiding over a single bench, conducted a preliminary hearing on Tuesday, seeking clarity on the rationale behind the government’s move. The court has directed the government to provide a detailed explanation for the TikTok ban.

A notable development in this legal saga is the registration of 10 writ petitions in the Supreme Court. These petitions contend that the government’s decision to ban TikTok has encroached upon the fundamental rights of citizens. Despite the writ petitioners urging the court to issue an interim order to lift the ban, the Supreme Court refrained from granting such relief at this stage.

Instead, the Supreme Court has mandated a written response from the government within 15 days. This response is expected to shed light on the legal basis and justifications behind the TikTok ban. As the legal proceedings unfold, the nation awaits further developments in this high-profile case that touches upon issues of fundamental rights and the regulation of social media platforms.