South Korea expands employment opportunities for Nepali workers in three additional sectors

Kathmandu: South Korea has announced plans to extend employment opportunities to Nepali workers in three more sectors through the Employment Permit System (EPS) starting from this year (2024). The South Korean government has decided to allow Nepali laborers to work in the forestry, service, and route industry sectors.

According to the Department of Foreign Employment, Nepali workers who pass the language exam and return after completing their tenure will now have additional opportunities to work in three more sectors in South Korea.

South Korea will also provide training in scaffolding for workers recruited in the route industry. Processes such as molding, casting, welding, plastic working, surface, and heat treatment, which are used in various trades, fall under the route industry.

Workers who pass the Korean language exam are eligible to stay on the roster for up to two years. The Korean government requests laborers necessary for small and medium-sized industries, specifying their height, weight, gender, age, employment status, and country of origin through the Human Resources Development Service of Korea.

This systematic selection process has led to the deployment of more than one lakh Nepali workers in South Korea so far. The EPS Korea Branch reaffirmed that the selection process for workers on the roster is regularized and transparent.