Special Commission on gold smuggling presents report to Home Affairs

Kathmandu: The Special Commission on Gold Smuggling, chaired by former Justice Delhi Raj Acharya, has submitted its findings to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs Ravi Lamichhane today.

The report, compiled after an intensive five-month investigation, spans an extensive 485 pages. It includes on-site inspections at nine suspected smuggling locations, statements from 68 individuals, and consultations with 61 experts, forming the basis of its recommendations.

The commission has recommended departmental actions and the inclusion of names of individuals found culpable in the report, aiming to address issues of coercion and misconduct while ensuring due process and protecting the innocent.

During the reception of the report, Minister Lamichhane expressed his commitment to implementing the recommendations put forth in the report promptly. He highlighted the need for proactive measures to hold wrongdoers accountable and to address weaknesses in the system that could lead to malpractice or misconduct.

The investigation focused on cases of electrical short-circuiting, known as “Vape,” and tampering with scooter brakes, labeled as “Break Shoe,” leading to the clandestine transportation of 363 kilograms of gold over an 11-month period. The issue has been brought before the District Court of Kathmandu for further deliberation.

Chairperson Delhi Raj Acharya, in a statement accompanying the report, emphasized the importance of legislative amendments, structural reforms, and lessons learned from past investigations and prosecutions to address weaknesses and enhance efficiency in combating smuggling activities.

This development follows the establishment of a four-member commission under the leadership of former Justice Delhi Raj Acharya by the government on Ashoj 14. The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) has confirmed the seizure of 363 kilograms of gold within an 11-month period through electrical short-circuiting and tampering with scooter brakes, following an investigation.

Chairperson Acharya’s statement outlined proposed measures for legislative reforms, structural enhancements, and remedial actions based on past research and planning to strengthen the response to smuggling activities.