Protest against KMC Mayor Balen

Kathmandu: Valley-wide road expansion victims’ struggle committee has demonstrated against the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Balendra Shah ‘Balen’.

Alleging that Mayor Shah has illegally spread dozer terror in the metropolitan city, the valley-wide road expansion victims’ struggle committee protested at Maitighar Mandla this Sunday afternoon.

During the demonstration, the committee also warned Mayor Shah not to act as a representative of the people to cause suffering to the citizens.

Civic leader Suman Sayami had also joined the protest today. He warned that it will not be tolerated if Mayor Shah continues to cause suffering to the citizens.

The protestors have expressed their anger saying that Mayor Shah has violated the rights of land and personal property provided by the constitution.

They have alerted the Kathmandu Metropolitan City to immediately stop the work of running dozers on personal property without even giving notice in the name of road expansion without information and evidence.

Locals have been protesting saying that the metropolis has been operating dozers on people’s private property illegally.