New record in the share market

Kathmandu: The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index, which measures share turnover, has set a historical record so far. The Nepse index reached a record high of 2,820 points at noon on Sunday.

With the dissolution of parliament, it was estimated that the market would decline due to political instability. Less than 10 minutes after the opening of trading on Sunday, the Nepse index fell by around 50 points. Since then, the index has risen by 32.81 points to 2,820. This is the all time high bechmark.

The transaction amount has reached Rs 11.65 billion after buying and selling shares of 220 companies.

The three group indicators traded on Nepse on Sunday have declined while the rest of the group indicators have risen. Hotels and tourism, non-life insurance and microfinance groups have seen declines.

Development banks and finance groups have seen the biggest increase. The self-index of the development bank group has increased by 7.54 percent and that of finance by 6.76 percent.