Foreign Employment Board to provide educational scholarships to 1,937 children

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Kathmandu: The Foreign Employment Board (FEB) has decided to provide scholarships to 1,937 people from 52 districts for upcoming academic session.

Based on the notice issued last year, 2,600 applications were received from 74 districts and out of the applications received, 1,937 people from 52 districts have been eligible for scholarships so far, the board said.

According to the board, the scholarship amount for 1,937 students is Rs. 18.52 million.

According to the procedure, childrens of migrant workers who died in foreign, disabled and disappeared in connection with foreign employment will get educational scholarship through the Foreign Employment Board.

In the first phase, the government will provide scholarships to the children of workers who lost their lives in foreign employment.

Children studying up to the secondary level get scholarships provided by the board. Such scholarship is available only once for one class. Children growing up at the basic level get a scholarship of Rs 8,000 a year and those studying at the secondary level get a scholarship of Rs 12,000 a year.