Everest expedition begins with favorable climate

Photo Courtesy: Department of Survey

Kathmandu: Mt Everest is being climbed now as the weather has become favorable.

This year’s spring climbing has started after the road to the summit was paved in April.

About 170 climbers had reached the summit of Everest so far. After that, the climb, which was halted due to bad weather, has resumed from today, said Mira Acharya, director of the Department of Tourism.

She said, “So far, more than 30 climbers have been reported to have reached the summit. The ascent is now underway. Climbers will reach the summit by noon.”

Today, more than 200 climbers have planned to reach the summit, said Director Acharya.

After the start of the ascent, the ascent was suspended for more than a week due to inclement weather due to “Tauktae” storm. As the weather is favorable for climbing Mt. Everest for only a week now, the climbers have gone to the summit with the opening of the weather.

More than eight hundred and fifty people are preparing to climb Mt. Everest this year as they will have a few more helpers than the number allowed.