Nepal first satellite returns after 841 days

Photo Courtesy: Online Khabar

Kathmandu: A satellite named ‘NepaliSat-1’ made by young Nepali scientists Hariram Shrestha and Aabhash Maske has landed on earth after remaining in space for 841 days.

According to the Department of Science and Technology Academy (NAST) while in space, the satellite rotated the earth 13,456 times.

Sri Lanka’s Ravana-1 satellite, which was launched into space along with Nepali SAT-1, also fell to the earth. Nepalisat-1 was sent for the purpose of collecting pictures of different places of the country and collecting information about mountains, hills, terai, forests, adjacent glaciers, roads and floods.

Named ‘Nepalisat-1’, the satellite was launched on the occasion of the New Year on Thursday, April 20, 2019, at 2:31 AM from the launch center at Wallops Island in Virginia, USA. But Sri Lankan’s Ravana-1 and Japan’s Yugusu satellites were simultaneously launched into Earth orbit from the International Space Station on July 20 in the same year.