Nepal Embassy vehicle in US vandalized

Kathmandu: The funds collected by the Nepali Embassy in Houston, USA through the operation of the consular service camp have been robbed.

When the embassy conducted consular service camps in the cities of Dallas, Austin and Houston from December 15 to 20, the ‘money order’ and ‘cashier’s check’ collected from the service clients were robbed.

The Nepali Embassy in Washington issued a statement on Friday and said that they have immediately filed a complaint with the Houston Police and the Diplomatic Security Division and other agencies and are trying to recover the stolen money order and cashier’s check.

Requesting public support for the return of the looted money, the embassy stated in a statement that its employees were vandalized and robbed at 12:30 p.m. local time while their employees were on their way from Houston to Washington DC on December 22.

The statement said that ‘money orders’ and ‘cashier’s checks’ were looted, but the employees and the looted amount were not disclosed.

“The embassy apologizes for the inconvenience this will cause to the clients in terms of time and resources,” the embassy said.

The embassy has also requested that all Nepali service providers who receive services from the consular service camps cancel the ‘money order’ and ‘cashier’s check’ made while receiving the service as far as possible.