Lumpy skin disease spread across the country

Kathmandu: Lumpy skin disease has spread widely across the country after the start of summer.

Nine thousand four hundred and ten cows, bullocks and buffaloes have died due to the outbreak of this disease which first appeared in Jhapa in the current financial year.

Likewise, 355,698 animals have been infected so far. Now the outbreak of this disease has spread in 73 districts across the country.

According to the Department of Animal Services under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, its outbreak is increasing.

Thus, despite the outbreak of Lumpy Skin throughout the country, due to lack of timely disease reporting from municipalities, districts and provinces, it has become difficult to ascertain the number of infected animals and the details of the damage caused by the disease.

In addition, more problems have been added in disease control and prevention.

Compared to buffaloes, this disease has appeared in higher numbers, especially in cows, bulls and calves, and the spread of this disease continues.