Nepal renew labor agreement with UAE

Representative Photo

Kathmandu: The labor agreement signed four years ago between Nepal and the UAE has been renewed.

The agreement was renewed during the joint working committee meeting organized today by the Ministry of Labor.

In the meeting, the implementation and progress of the agreement between the two countries was reviewed.

In the meeting, Nepal informed about the review of the labor agreement and the latest laws related to labor and foreign employment of the Government of Nepal.

Nepal has proposed to the UAE that there should be a guarantee of the minimum salary of the Nepalis working in the UAE, there should be an arrangement to bring the dead bodies to Nepal easily, the details of the Nepali workers in jails and prisons and to facilitate the return of the Nepali workers in the UAE with an amnesty.

In addition to this, Nepal has also raised the matter of bilateral cooperation for skill development of Nepalese workers in the meeting.

In addition, in the meeting, the UAE expressed its willingness to take domestic workers from Nepal.