KMC implements ban on sale of uniforms and stationery in schools

Kathmandu: Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has taken a decisive step by prohibiting community and institutional schools within its jurisdiction from selling uniforms and stationery items. This move comes as the Department of Education under KMC issues a circular to schools, emphasizing the importance of adhering to existing regulations.

According to the circular issued by Saraswati Pokharel, Acting Head of the Department of Education of KMC, it is explicitly stated that textbooks, uniforms, and stationery items for the academic year 2081 BS should not be compulsorily purchased or sold within schools.

Public schools have been granted permission to exclusively utilize textbooks sanctioned by the Curriculum Development Center. Moreover, for English medium textbooks, only those translated and published by the center or listed by it are permitted for use. KMC will not subsidize any other textbooks.

Institutional schools are also required to strictly adhere to textbooks approved by the Curriculum Development Center. The circular underscores the consequences of non-compliance, including disciplinary actions against coercive practices that force students and parents to procure materials such as uniforms and stationery from the school.

Violations will be addressed in accordance with various educational laws including the Education Act, 2028 BS, Education Rules 2059 BS, Kathmandu Metropolitan City Education Act 2075 BS, Kathmandu Metropolitan City Education Management Regulations 2074 BS, and other pertinent laws.

This move by KMC aims to ensure fairness and transparency within the education sector, preventing undue financial burdens on students and parents while maintaining the quality and integrity of educational materials provided by schools.