Nepal tourism soars: March sees 28.9% increase in tourist number

Photo Courtesy: Nepal Tourism Board

Kathmandu: Nepal Tourism Board’s latest report reveals a surge in foreign tourist arrivals, with March witnessing a remarkable increase of 28.9% compared to the same period last year. A total of 128,167 foreign tourists explored the diverse landscapes and cultural treasures of Nepal during the month.

The influx of visitors was predominantly led by neighboring India, with 30,698 tourists crossing borders to experience Nepal’s rich heritage and natural beauty. Following closely behind were travelers from China, constituting 12,093 arrivals, highlighting the growing appeal of Nepal among Asian travelers.

Additionally, notable contributions to the tourist footfall came from the United States, with 10,773 arrivals, and the United Kingdom, with 7,241 tourists immersing themselves in Nepal’s cultural tapestry. Visitors from Sri Lanka, Germany, Thailand, France, and Myanmar also contributed significantly to the tourist influx, adding to the vibrant mosaic of international visitors.

In the broader context, the first quarter of 2024 has proven to be auspicious for Nepal’s tourism industry, with a cumulative total of 304,693 foreign tourists visiting the country. This positive trend underscores Nepal’s enduring allure as a premier destination for travelers seeking adventure, spirituality, and cultural enrichment.

As Nepal continues to showcase its unparalleled hospitality and awe-inspiring landscapes, stakeholders in the tourism sector remain optimistic about sustaining this momentum and further elevating Nepal’s global tourism profile. Stay tuned for more updates on Nepal’s burgeoning tourism landscape.