PM Dahal vows to transform Nepali sports

File Photo Photo Courtesy: Cricket Association of Nepal

Kathmandu: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, speaking at the 60th anniversary celebration of the National Sports Council (NSC) on Wednesday, articulated the government’s commitment to usher in a new era of excellence in Nepali sports.

Expressing his optimism, PM Dahal remarked, “I believe a new standard will be set in Nepali sports. I wish NSC success in this regard.” Emphasizing the significance of sports in Nepal, PM Dahal underscored its potential not only for individual development but also for the overall progress of the nation.

He highlighted the role of sports diplomacy in fostering cooperation and global unity, stating its correlation with economic advancement. PM Dahal reiterated the government’s dedication to sports, alongside literature, art, and technology, emphasizing effective policy implementation and institutional development.

He assured efforts to enhance state support, including increased investment in sports, provision of incentives, and recognition for players’ achievements. Reflecting on Nepal’s achievements, PM Dahal recalled the nation’s success in the 19th Asian Games and mentioned ongoing stadium construction projects across various regions. He praised the accomplishments in the sports sector, noting their inspirational impact on the nation.

Other notable speakers at the event included Minister for Youth and Sports, Biraj Bhakta Shrestha, and NSC Member Secretary Tanka Lal Ghising.”