Govt fix support price for paddy

Kathmandu: The government has set the minimum support price of paddy for this year. Ministry of Agriculture informed that the support price of rice for the financial year 2079/80 has been set by the cabinet meeting.

This year, the support price of coarse paddy has been set at Rs 2,967 per quintal. This price is 215 rupees more than last year. Similarly, the price of medium paddy has been set at Rs 226 more than last year, i.e. Rs 3,128 per quintal.

Farmers have felt some relief after the increase in the price of paddy. The government has been fixing the minimum support price of rice to ensure the sale of agricultural produce.

But the farmers have been complaining that even though the support price has been fixed, the government company does not buy rice saying that the quota has been fulfilled.