Corruption case filed against former member secretary of Pashupati Area Development Fund

Kathmandu: The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority has registered a case against former Member Secretary of Pashupati Area Development Fund Pradeep Dhakal on charges of corruption.

Authority has informed that a corruption case has been filed against Dhakal in the special court on Monday on charges of corruption by acquiring illegal assets.

According to the authority, the case was registered because Dhakal earned 144 million rupees illegally and the source of that amount was not revealed.

The total wealth of Dhakal is 784 million rupeed and the source of 144 million rupees in that amount could not be revealed, so the authority has filed a case against him.

He served at Pashupati Area Development Fund for five years between 2074 B.S to 2079 B.S.