Australia to return stolen artifacts of Nepali archaeological importance

Kathmandu: Four wooden artifacts of Nepali archaeological importance in the ‘National Gallery’ of Australia are going to be brought back to Nepal.

The wooden artworks made by Nepalese artists before the 20th century reached the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra through various means.

The National Gallery handed over the artwork to the Nepali Embassy.

Sangrila International Freight Pvt Ltd is going to bring the four wooden artworks handed over to Nepal.

A total of 22 cm high, 43.5 cm wide and 11 cm deep small rectangular panels with one and three different sized ‘arch’ style panels.

Saugat Singh, executive director of Sangrila Cargo, informed that the total weight of the artefacts of archaeological importance is 26 kg.

After bringing to Nepal, those artifacts of archeological importance will be kept in the archeology department.

(News Source: Rashtriya Samachar Samiti)