US willing to cooperate closely with Nepal on climate change

Kathmandu: With President Joe Biden’s decision to rejoin the Climate Change Agreement, the United States has expressed its willingness to work more closely with Nepal on climate change.

Former President Donald Trump withdrew from the 2015 Paris Agreement, which had a global impact. However, with the arrival of Biden, he decided to join the Paris Agreement. Along with the decision, the US Embassy in Kathmandu said it would like to work more closely with Nepal on climate change.

US Ambassador to Nepal Randy Berry said in a tweet on Wednesday that he wanted to work with Nepal to address the climate crisis. “Global cooperation is needed to address the climate challenge,” he said in a tweet.
The mountainous region is in a very sensitive state due to the floods that erupted in India last month. I look forward to working with Nepal to resolve this issue. ” Earlier, in a meeting with leaders of various political parties, including Prime Minister KP Oli, he said the United States was ready to support Nepal’s ongoing Everest Dialogue.

The United States, which has previously provided assistance on a variety of issues related to climate change, appears to be keen to further support and cooperate in this area, as this issue has become a top priority for the US government.