US ambassador said he has not asked Nepal to be pro-American

Kathmandu: US Ambassador to Nepal Randy Berry has said that he has never asked Nepal to be pro-American and join any American alliance.

Addressing the officers at the Command and Staff College of the Nepal Army today, he said that they have always urged Nepal to be pro-Nepali. “We are always asking Nepal to be pro-Nepali and to guarantee the protection of its sovereignty and autonomy,” he said.

The US ambassador said the purpose of their assistance was to help make Nepal more pro-Nepal, enable it to stand on its own feet and not be dependent on any other country (including the US).

The US ambassador’s response came at a time when the United States is urging Nepal to participate in the Indo-Pacific strategy. The US ambassador said that various misinformation has been spread in recent times, adding that they have not found a military alliance with Nepal and do not want that. “Even when the Cold War was in full swing, we did not ask Nepal to join us in a military alliance,” he said.

He also said that they did not want to have a military base in Nepal. He further said, “Even if Nepal asks for a military base, we will say in soft language – no, thank you.”

In his address, Ambassador Berry also commented on the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). Ambassador Berry also said that some people linked development projects such as the MCC to military alliances, adding that US law completely barred MCC funding from being used for military activities.

Addressing the event, Ambassador Berry also briefed on the priorities of the new US administration. He said US foreign policy was focused on democracy, human rights and equality. He further said, “Our national security concern can only be addressed if Nepal adopts a democratic, sovereign, inclusive and rule of law.”

Appreciating the role played by the Nepal Army in the establishment of world peace and other humanitarian assistance, Ambassador Berry said that the United States was ready to assist in the establishment of the National Defense University.

Stating that the US Ambassador has been assisting Nepal in the field of development for 70 years, he said, “We do not want Nepal to be dependent on the US and any other country. That’s why we’ve been helping the United States develop for 73 years. “