Transparency International’s report unacceptable: Nepal government

Kathmandu: The government has said that Transparency International’s Asia Report-2020 is unacceptable.

The government claims that the report is motivated by political bias and is based on baseless facts. Transparency International’s Asia Report-2020 states that the Prime Minister of Nepal has come to the defense of his colleagues accused of corruption.

But the government claims that Transparency International’s report is motivated by political bias. Government Spokesperson and Minister for Communications Parbat Gurung said it on Sunday.

“The Government of Nepal rejects this report as an attempt to discredit the government and the ruling party,” he said.

He has previously said, “Transparency International Nepal and its affiliates cannot be trusted in terms of party affiliation, cleanliness and fairness.”

The government claims to have prepared the report on the planned request bias by asking questions to the opposition. Questioning Transparency International’s study, Minister Gurung said, “The government has taken a thousand anti-government people who do not want progress, even by telephone.”

Interestingly, the government has relied on the same report from Transparency International, which it has denied in its defense.

According to government spokesperson Gurung, the fact that 84 percent of the participants in the study have shown that corruption is an obstacle to development shows that the Nepali people are aware and aware of corruption. Stating that 62 percent of the respondents mentioned that the anti-corruption bodies have taken good steps, he said, “This confirms that the government is determined to control corruption and the government bodies are working effectively. Isn’t the truth hidden? ‘

Nepal was ranked 124th in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index. Saying that it has risen from 11 places to 113 in 2019, he said, “How did Nepal become the most corrupt country in less than a year?” Where is the proof that the Hon’ble Prime Minister has protected (the corrupt)? ‘