Expenditure details of 13th SAG made public after one year

Photo Courtesy: National Sports Council

Kathmandu: The National Sports Council (NSC) has made public the expenditure details of the 13th South Asian Games (SAGS) which was held in December last year.

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, (NSC) presented the expenditure details of the 13th SAG which was conducted in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Janakpur of Nepal on last December.

NSC member secretary Ramesh Kumar Silwal said that the accounts of the SAG would be made public within three months after the completion of the SAG.

As per the expenditure statement published by NSC on Sunday, Rs 1.31 billion has been spent on SAG last year. Similarly, details of Rs 2.86 billion spent on construction have been made public.

Similarly, NSC has earned a total income of Rs 1.37 billion from the ticket received from the government, the amount raised from advertisements and the amount received from the participating countries. Similarly, it has been stated that the amount of Rs 193.38 million has remained freeze as they could not utilize it.

Similarly, Rs 26.7 million was received from ticket sales, Rs 2 million from advertisements and Rs 115.9 million from participating countries, said Silwal.

NSC has made public the details of Rs. 115.9 million and Rs. 88,804 spent on the inauguration and closing ceremonies of the competition.

Similarly, Rs. 135.9 million, 67,683 has been spent on hotel accommodation. Rs 282.2 million has been spent on sports equipment management and Rs 308 million has been spent on national team management.

For Secretariat Expenditure (Kathmandu) Rs 67.4 million, Pokhara Rs 76 million, and Janakpur Rs 80 million has been spent.

It is also stated that Rs 227.6 million has been distributed to the 13th SAG Medal winning players, coaches and participating national associations. The amount was distributed by the government, NSC stated.

Meanwhile, Although it is Pakistan’s turn to host the 14th Green Festival, the Pakistani government has not yet made a formal decision. If Pakistan fails to host the tournament on time, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will be willing to host the tournament jointly, Silwal said.