Trade union warns NAC not to hire unnecessary staff

Kathmandu: The Joint Trade Union Struggle Committee has objected to the addition of unnecessary employees in the contract of the Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), which is collapsing financially.

The committee has objected that some people have been recruited in the passenger service department, operations department, general service and property management department in the corporation on service contract and monthly salary.

The committee has stated that the addition of new employees is against the principle of thrift as the financial condition of the corporation is weak due to the global spread of COVID 19 and the available staff is sufficient to run the day to day operations of the corporation.

The Joint Trade Union Struggle Committee has demanded immediate removal of the recruited employees and stopping the recruitment process unnecessarily. The committee has warned that responsible management of the situation arising out of this will be done.

On Wednesday, the employees wrote a letter to the executive chairman of the corporation, Yuvaraj Adhikari. With more than 1,300 permanent employees in the corporation, the trade union has raised objections after the contract recruitment process was started.