TIA custom office requests not to carry other’s stuff while returning from abroad

Kathmandu: Department of Customs’ office at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) has issued a notice requesting migrant workers returning home for Dashain festival, not to carry other’s stuff with them.

During the festive season, the office warned that travelers coming from different countries have been lured by various individuals and groups to send items such as laptops, mobiles, gold, watches as gifts.

Bringing such goods may cause problems at the airport. Because if such goods brought for personal purposes are more than what is prescribed by law, then one may have to pay customs duty and if it is more than that or if there is any doubt, one may be subject to action in addition to confiscation of the goods.

Recently, those returning home from countries like UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Hong Kong, Thailand etc. bring other people’s goods and some workers also have to face various legal problems during the inspection.

According to the law, passengers returning to Nepal from abroad are allowed to bring with them gold ornaments, mobile phones and televisions. Similarly, in the case of men, gold jewelery up to 25 grams does not have to pay customs duty.

In addition to 50 grams in case of women and 25 grams in case of men, a person can bring up to 200 grams of gold jewelry at the customs point by paying duty.

Similarly, in the case of mobile phones, there is a provision that workers who have returned from working abroad for more than 6 consecutive months with a work permit can bring one mobile phone with them without paying customs duty.

Workers who are listed in the social security fund and return to work for 12 consecutive months after obtaining a work permit are not required to pay customs if they bring any size or type of television with them.

However, even if they have returned from working for 12 consecutive months with a work permit, workers who are not listed in the social security fund can bring only a 32-inch television without paying customs duty. If the size is larger than that, customs will be charged.