Supreme Court order’s not to pressurize banks to join SSF

Photo Courtesy: Official Website of the Supreme Court

Kathmandu: The Supreme Court has issued an interim order not to put pressure on banks and financial institutions to join the Social Security Fund unless they are voluntarily affiliated.

Hearing the writ petition filed by the bank employees, a bench of Justices Anil Kumar Sinha, Kumar Chudal and Nahakul Subedi issued an interim order to keep all the activities related to the inclusion of banks and financial institutions in the social security fund.

The apex court has also directed to file the writ petition for hearing within 45 days. Earlier, the writ petition was presented in the full bench of three judges after a disagreement between the judges in the bench of Justices Tej Bahadur KC and Bamkumar Shrestha.

Bank employees had filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court alleging that they were pressured to join the fund. The employees had claimed that their service facilities would be reduced when they join the social security fund.

Before the Supreme Court hears the matter and reaches a final decision, the bank employees should not be pressured to join the social security fund until the final decision of the petition.