Study committee formed to declare Pokhara as capital city of tourism

Kathmandu: Gandaki Province Government has established a study committee to declare Pokhara as the tourism capital, aiming to implement the policies and programs formulated in the fiscal year 2080/81.

The committee, chaired by Dr. Krishnachandra Devkota, Vice-Chairman of Gandaki Province Policy and Planning Commission, comprises representatives from various organizations, including 11 members with expertise in tourism.

The Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest, and Environment of Gandaki Province will prepare a brief concept paper for the development of Pokhara as a tourism capital. The study committee, formed accordingly, will conduct an in-depth analysis based on the concept paper.

Chief Minister Surenrdra Raj Pandey highlighted the importance of tourism in Gandaki Province’s prosperity, making it the main foundation of development.

He emphasized that the Gandaki Province Government prioritizes the tourism sector. The study committee has been tasked with identifying and developing new tourism destinations in Pokhara, enhancing the quality of services, and diversifying existing tourism infrastructures.

To implement the policies effectively, the committee has been granted a working period of 30 days to submit a detailed report, and the responsibility of chief secretary has been assigned to Dr. Krishnachandra Devkota.