Gold prices hit all-time high at Rs 117,700 per tola

Kathmandu: In a significant development, gold prices have reached unprecedented levels, touching Rs 117,700 per tola (11.6 grams) on Tuesday.

The surge, as reported by the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers Associations, is attributed to a remarkable increase in the international gold market, thereby setting a new record in the domestic market.

Just a day prior, on Monday, gold was being traded at Rs 117,400 per tola, highlighting the rapid and substantial escalation in its value. The Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers Associations is closely monitoring these fluctuations, providing valuable insights into the intricate dynamics of the precious metals market.

This surge in gold prices not only reflects global market trends but also bears economic implications locally. Investors and traders are keenly observing these developments, anticipating further insights into the factors influencing this historic spike in the price of gold.