Special court commences online hearings for cases

Kathmandu: The Special Court has initiated hearings for cases through an online system. Chief Justice Vishwambhar Prasad Shrestha presided over the commencement of online debates in a session of the Special Court.

Special Court spokesperson Dhan Bahadur Karki provided information regarding the initiation of regular online hearings, which began this Sunday for examination purposes.

Cases pertaining to corruption, asset recovery, and other matters that fall under the jurisdiction of the Special Court will now be heard not only in Kathmandu but also through online platforms. The requirement for litigants to physically appear in Kathmandu for hearings has been lifted. Now, legal practitioners and parties involved can argue their cases from their homes, offices, or law firms.

Both parties can participate in debates in the court session, with one party physically present in the courtroom and the other party arguing online. Arrangements for monitoring and speakers have been made in the courtroom for this purpose.

The online debate initiated by the Special Court is optional. Legal practitioners can opt for online debates as per their convenience. Those who wish to be present in court can still attend the session physically and argue their cases according to the prevailing procedure.