Budget drafting committee formed ahead of fiscal year 2024/25

Kathmandu: The Ministry of Finance has formed a Budget Drafting Committee in preparation for the upcoming fiscal year 2024/25. The Ministry’s secretariat has informed that the committee’s formation for the fiscal year ahead has been finalized.

Under the coordination of Joint Secretary Dhani Ram Sharma, the Budget Drafting Committee has been established to prepare the budget speech for the upcoming fiscal year. The committee comprises Joint Secretaries Ritesh Kumar Shakya, Mahesh Acharya, Ram Prasad Acharya, Ishwari Aryal, and Parvati Sharma, Deputy Director General of the Internal Revenue Department.

The committee will convene its first meeting tomorrow, Saturday and immediate coordination will be established with relevant ministries to initiate the budget drafting process.

The formation of the Budget Drafting Committee signals the beginning of the budgetary planning process for the fiscal year 2024/25, aimed at addressing the economic priorities and challenges of the nation.