Saudi Arabia to host ninth Asian Winter Games

A Saudi flag flutters atop Saudi Arabia's consulate in Istanbul, Turkey October 20, 2018. Photo Courtesy: Reuters

Kathmandu: Saudi Arabia is going to host the 9th Asian Winter Games in 2029.

The Gulf nation Saudi Arabia has announced that it will host the Asian Winter Games despite spending billions of dollars to build artificial mountains, lakes and rivers, according to Reuters.

It is mentioned in the news that Saudi Arabia has pledged to spend 500 billion dollars to win the competition of the winter sports project.

Saudi Arabia has set the goal of preparing infrastructure by 2026 in the tourist area Trojena project. The Trozena project will also include outdoor skiing, artificial ice rinks for ice hockey, man-made fresh water lakes and rivers.

Abdul Aziz bin Turki Al Faisal, Prince of Saudi Arabia and Minister of Sports, has said that it is a matter of pride to host the 2029 Winter Asian Cup as an opportunity to show its strong presence in the field of sports.

Saudi Arabia is not only a Gulf country but also the first country in West Asia to host the Winter Asian Cup.