‘Raute Security Fund’ to be established

Kathmandu (RSS): The Karnali province government is planning to set up a fund for the security of the Raute community. The state government will set up a fund to manage clothing, shelter and nutritious food for the Raute community.
The announcement was made by Karnali Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi at an event held at Raute Basti in Deurali of Chingad Gaonpalika-4 of Surkhet on Saturday. The provincial government will provide Rs. 2,000 per person per month from the fund.
As reported on Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS) The federal government has been providing Rs 3,000 per person per month for social security. The money provided by the state will be spent on daily necessities and housing management instead of being handed over directly to the people. The nomadic community living in the jungles of Karnali is one of the endangered tribes of South Asia. Currently, there are 153 routes in 46 households.
Chief Minister Shahi said that a foundation would be formed at the government level for the protection of the Raute caste. “The Raute caste is the jewel of Karnali. The state government is committed to the protection of the community we are proud of,” he said. Minister for Social Development Dal Rawal and Minister for Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives Vimala KC were also present on the occasion. Minister Rawal said that they were careful not to have to ask for Raute. He expressed the view that the skills and art of the Raute caste could be preserved by collaborating with the community forest.