Non-Resident Nepali Citizenship Act all set to rectify

Kathmandu: Krishna Bhakta Pokhrel, chairman of the Federal Parliament, Law, Justice and Human Rights Committee, has said that the act of granting citizenship to non-resident Nepalis as mentioned in the Constitution of Nepal 2072 BS will be passed soon.
Addressing a webinar organized by the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) UK on Saturday under the title ‘Property Protection – Continuity of Citizenship and Equality-Based Gurkha Movement’, Pokhrel said the constitution ensured that non-resident Nepalis had the same economic, social and cultural rights as Nepali citizens and there would be no discrimination.
Replying to a question on the continuation of Nepali citizenship of ex-Gurkha soldiers currently living in the UK after their retirement from the British Army, Pokhrel said, “I do not see any loss to Nepal if Gurkha Bhupu soldiers continue their Nepali citizenship.” During the amendment of the constitution, separate arrangements can be made for Former Gurkha soldiers, we should have discussion on it.”
Sonam Lama, Central Coordinator and Vice-Chairperson of the Citizenship Continuity Committee of the NRNA, urged not to worry about the non-resident Nepali citizenship of the NRNA as it is safe.
NRNA Central Secretary General Dr. Hemraj Sharma said that it was possible to include the provision of non-resident Nepali citizenship in the current constitution only due to the continuous efforts made by the NRNA leadership since the establishment of NRNA. He said that it was not clear whether the new act would allow NRNs to go and work in Nepal or not.
Honorary Lieutenant Chandra Bahadur Gurung, coordinator of the Gurkha Concern Committee, demanded that the Gurkha soldiers who came to the UK on the basis of the Sugauli Treaty should continue their Nepali citizenship to make Nepal known to the world.
NRNA UK President Poonam Gurung said that the issue of NRN citizenship is the concern of 5-6 million non-resident Nepalis and informed that NRNA UK is lobbying with the concerned parties for the continuation of the citizenship of non-resident Nepalis.