Prohibition order in Kathmandu Valley extended till July 24

Kathmandu: The prohibitory order imposed in the Kathmandu Valley has been extended for 10 days.

A meeting of the Chief District Officers of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur has decided to extend the ban in the Kathmandu Valley till July 24.

As per the instructions issued by the District Administration Office, drug and health care shops will be allowed to operate at any time. Apart from that, other shops will be allowed to operate only till 7 pm. Restaurants and eateries will only be able to operate take away and home delivery services.

The administration has stated that long distance vehicles entering and leaving the Kathmandu Valley will not be allowed to operate but public and private vehicles entering the Kathmandu Valley will be allowed to operate due to urgent work.

The previous arrangement of allowing public transport to operate within the Kathmandu Valley does not exceed the approved seat capacity.

Transportation of construction materials will be available from 9 pm to 5 am. Physical presence in temples and educational institutions is prohibited except for movie halls, party palaces, dance bars, rehearsals, dance halls, sports with spectators, regular worship.

There will be up to 25 people in one room to conduct the examination.