Prohibition in Mumbai due to increasing in Omicron infection

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Kathmandu: A two-week restraining order has been issued in Mumbai after seven people were found to be infected with Omicron in a single day.

Seven people were confirmed infected with the Omicron variant in Mumbai on Wednesday.

A restraining order has been issued from Thursday to December 31, according to Mumbai Police. According to Indian media, a restraining order has been issued from December 16 to 31.

The ban, which will take effect on Thursday, will not allow large gatherings and will prevent more than five people from attending public meetings. Similarly, during any function or event, people should be involved according to the 50 percent capacity of the venue and the organizers should have given full corona vaccine.

In addition, people attending shops, malls, ceremonies or gatherings must be fully vaccinated. People traveling on public transport should also be fully vaccinated. Also, people coming to Maharashtra should be fully vaccinated and show a negative PCR report within 72 hours.

Omicron has been confirmed in 73 cases in India so far. Of these, only 32 are in Maharashtra.