Prince of Bahrain returns home after climbing two mountains of Nepal

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Kathmandu: Prince Mohammed Hamad Mohammed Al Khalifa of Bahrain has returned home on Friday after successfully climbing Mount Manaslu and Mt Lubuche. Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai bade farewell to Prince Khalifa at Tribhuvan International Airport. Prince Khalifa, who did not know about the mountains, said that he was thrilled when he climbed the mountains of Nepal and was fascinated by the natural beauty of the place.
A team of 18 people including the prince stayed in Nepal for one month and seven days. He has expressed his commitment to share his experience with the people of the Middle East. Prince Khalifa said, “I have no complaints about my long stay in Nepal. From my hospitality to mountaineering and other natural beauty experiences, it has been truly memorable.”
Meanwhile, Minister Bhattarai expressed his gratitude to Prince Khalifa for spreading Nepal’s beauty throughout the Middle East by climbing Nepal’s mountains. He also urged to play a supportive role in regularizing flights with Bahrain and sending its citizens to visit Nepal.
An 18-member team led by Christopher Anthony and Prince Khalifa arrived in Nepal on September 16 to climb Nepal’s mountains. The team consisted of 15 Bahrainis and three British nationals working for the Royal Guard of Bahrain.
The team had climbed 8,516 meters high Manaslu and 6,119 meters high Lobuche mountain.
During the ascent, the team cleared 1,900 kg of garbage from Manaslu Himal and all the garbage from Lobuche peak, according to the tourism minister. Along with this successful summit, Prince of Bahrain has become a first Bahrain national to reach 8000 meter ever.