PM claims, govt will provide treatment to covid patients

Kathmandu: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has given a defensive statement in the name of the country.
Earlier, the government had asked patients with corona to treat themselves. But Prime Minister Oli, speaking on behalf of the nation, said, “The state has not told the government to do whatever it can to survive on its own. The government will treat everyone.”
The government will ensure equal access to treatment for corona infections. The government also promised to treat those who could not be treated. He also urged to increase the use of home remedies for corona infection.
He reminded that he could not return home even if he wanted to because of Corona.
PM Oli has urged all to be vigilant as the number of infections among senior citizens and children is high.
Stating that Kathmandu has become the center of transition, he said that the government has to stop the transition. “The government is committed to treating all those infected with the corona,” he said.

He claimed that the death toll could not exceed 0.6 percent due to the positive support of the people.
The government has made arrangements for equal access to treatment for all.