Prime Minister Dahal says around 200 Nepali Soldiers recruited in Russian Army

Kathmandu: In an official statement today, Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ confirmed that 200 Nepali citizens are set to be recruited into the Russian military. The announcement came during a press conference held at the central office of the party in Parisdanda.

Prime Minister Dahal revealed that during his recent visit to Russia, he learned that 200 Nepali individuals have been enlisted in the Russian army, with some undergoing training and others already stationed in various units.

He also highlighted the ongoing research and investigations conducted by these recruits, including their involvement in the Israeli military actions against the Hamas insurgent group. Additionally, the Prime Minister hinted at potential conspiracies against the government, stating that there are plots to launch attacks from within.

Despite his role as the chairman of the Nepal Communist Party (Maoist Center), Prachanda emphasized the need to crush any activities that could threaten the peace process. He expressed dissatisfaction with the handling of the Nepal Electricity Authority’s share purchase and sale issue, accusing individuals of spreading misinformation.

PM Dahal urged the public to rely on accurate and factual information, emphasizing the importance of providing citizens with truthful updates. The Prime Minister’s comments come amid concerns about potential internal threats and the government’s efforts to maintain stability and security.