Nepal govt places 12 construction and supply companies on blacklist

Kathmandu: The government has taken a stern stance against various construction and supply companies, placing them on a blacklist. The Public Procurement Monitoring Office under the Prime Minister’s Office has officially designated these companies in the blacklist.

According to the announcement, one company has been blacklisted for up to three years, two companies for a duration of two years, five companies for a period of one and a half years, and three companies for a one-year term.

These companies are barred from participating in any public procurement activities during the specified duration. The Public Procurement Monitoring Office stated that the decision to include these companies on the blacklist was made based on their conduct in public procurement transactions.

“The companies listed on the blacklist will not be eligible to take part in any public procurement process throughout the specified period. This measure is in line with the government’s commitment to ensuring fair and transparent procurement practices,” remarked a representative from the Public Procurement Monitoring Office.

The move comes as part of the government’s efforts to promote accountability and transparency in public procurement. The Public Procurement Monitoring Office encourages citizens to report any irregularities or misconduct in procurement processes to ensure the integrity of public transactions.