Preparations for the national census are in full swing

Kathmandu (Rashtriya Samachar Samiti): The National Concern and Coordination Committee has taken information from the National Planning Commission and the Central Statistic Bureau about the preparations for the upcoming census and the progress of the work so far.

The committee has drawn the attention of the commission and the department to ensure that there is no shortcoming in the work of collecting data on the basis of real facts by reaching the enumerator at every doorstep. The government is conducting the twelfth national census.

In Wednesday’s meeting of the committee, the members suggested to take care of the possibility of double counting of citizens going to the city and abroad, especially in connection with migration and engaging in various professions and businesses.

He said that in addition to education, profession and migration, Nepalis living abroad and foreigners living in Nepal also need to be counted in the census.

It was informed on the occasion that 39,000 enumerators and 8,000 supervisors would be mobilized to collect the on-site census data.

Stating that accurate data should be collected as the census is a strong basis for the institutional development of federalism, republic and secularism, the members suggested to develop a form to find out the root cause and focal point of the evil practice for social transformation.

Nepal conducts national census every 10 years. Every year, the 8th of Asar is celebrated as the census day. The main slogan of this year’s census is ‘My Census, My Participation’.

Planning Commission member Dr. Ram Kumar Phuyal expressed the determination that the commission would make every effort to collect accurate data through the national census as accurate data is needed to advance the development and prosperity of the nation.

Director General of the Statistics Department, Navin Lal Shrestha, said that the enumerators are being mobilized by inviting applications with the objective of giving priority to the youths who are not involved in employment to encourage the locals.

In the past, 98 percent of teachers have been mobilized for the purpose of making the youth feel proud, but this time, the same percentage of youths have been included in the census, ‘he said.