Police raid in Pashupati area: five arrested for alleged marijuana trade

Kathmandu: In a crackdown on alleged marijuana trade near the Pashupatinath area, a team from the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in Kathmandu has conducted a raid, claiming success in maintaining peace and security.

The NCB team apprehended five individuals on charges of selling marijuana in the Pashupati vicinity. The arrestees were found in possession of 838 grams of marijuana and controlled substances, as per information provided by the police.

According to the Bureau, the individuals were allegedly involved in selling marijuana through an open market near Gaushala. Some of them were apprehended during the operation, while others were detained near a crematorium close to the crime scene.

The arrested individuals are now under police custody, and the confiscated marijuana will be used as evidence in the ongoing investigation. The NCB team has been urged to conduct further research into the marijuana sales in the Pashupati area, as requested by the Pashupati Area Development Fund.