Cricket Association of Nepal suspends Sandeep Lamichhane following court verdict

Kathmandu: Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) announced the suspension of Sandeep Lamichhane from all cricket-related activities on Thursday, following the recent verdict by the Kathmandu District Court. Lamichhane, the former national team captain, has been barred from participating in cricket activities at both national and international levels.

CAN, in an official press statement, cited the court’s decision and subsequent determination of punishment as the basis for Lamichhane’s suspension. The Kathmandu District Court on Wednesday sentenced the former national cricket team skipper to eight years in prison on charges of rape.

Judge Shishir Dhakal, presiding over a single bench, concluded that Lamichhane had violated Subsections 1, 2, and 3(e) of Section 219 of the National Penal Code Act 2017. In addition to the prison term, Lamichhane was fined Rs 300,000 and directed to compensate Rs 200,000 to the victims in Gaushala-26.

This recent decision by CAN is a follow-up to Lamichhane’s previous suspension by the cricket association when allegations of sexual assault surfaced while he was serving as the captain of the Nepali Cricket team. Although the initial suspension was lifted, the recent court ruling has led to the reimplementation of the suspension.

It is noteworthy that on February 27, the Supreme Court permitted Lamichhane to travel overseas to participate in cricket games, overturning a previous decision by the high court that restricted him from leaving Nepal. The legal developments surrounding Lamichhane continue to draw attention, and further updates on the case are awaited.