Police public three people accused for Lal Mohammad murder case

Kathmandu: Three people involved in the murder of a businessman Lal Muhammad Darji, have been made public.

On Friday, the Nepal Police held a press conference and announced the three people involved in the murder.

The police have arrested three people on the charge of aiding and abetting the shooting and killing that took place in Gothatar, Kathmandu.

All three arrested persons are under 21 years of age.

Those arrested are 21-year-old Mohammad Maharam Mia, 19-year-old Rehan Mia and Sushmita Syangtan. Among the arrested people, Maharam and Rehan were involved in arranging weapons from Birganj to kill Lal Muhammad.

Among those arrested, Sushmita was found to have played a role in monitoring Mohammad’s daily activities.