Photography and TikTok banned in Singha Durbar without permission

Kathmandu: At Singha Durbar, capturing photographs, recording videos, or creating TikTok content without prior permission is strictly forbidden.

Notices to this effect have been posted by the Singha Durbar security unit of Nepal Police at multiple locations within the premises.

DSP Santosh Tamang, who heads the Singha Durbar security unit, emphasized that the recent surge in unauthorized photography and TikTok video creation in front of the garden and VIP office at Singha Durbar has led to these activities being prohibited in accordance with security protocols.

He clarified that only individuals with permission are allowed to take photographs, while media personnel reporting on-site are exempt from these restrictions.

DSP Tamang noted that frequent visits by VIPs to the country’s primary administrative center have prompted individuals visiting ministerial and prime ministerial offices to engage in unauthorized photography, video recording, and TikTok content creation.