Parliamentary committee to investigate price hike on fuel

Kathmandu: A parliamentary committee has decided to investigate the price hike on petroleum.

The Committee for the Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Directive Principles, Policies and Responsibilities of the provinces under the Federal Parliament has formed a sub-committee headed by MP Durga Poudel to investigate the rise in prices of petroleum products.

The committee member includes MPs Khem Lohani and Laxmi Pariyar.

Niradevi Jairu, chairperson of the committee, said that a sub-committee has been formed to give necessary suggestions to the government to provide relief to the people from the price hike on petroleum products.

In a meeting of the committee held on Tuesday, the lawmakers said that the people were suffering due to the imported petroleum products and that the exploration of petroleum products inside Nepal should be expedited to get out of it.