Number of climbers increase compared to last spring season

File Photo Purnima Shrestha, one of the two women climbers to scale Mt Dhaulagiri Successfully, at mt Dhaulagiri camp 2. Photo Courtesy: Purnima Shrestha's Facebook wall.

Kathmandu: The number of people seeking permission to climb Nepal’s mountains in this spring season has reached 738. According to the Department of Tourism (DoT), 738 climbers from 70 countries have got permission to climb 21 mountains.

There are 583 males and 155 females who received permission for the expedition. Of the 738 climbers, 55 are Nepalese and 683 are foreigners.

This number is higher than last year. In the spring of last year, 635 foreign climbers had taken permission to climb Nepal’s mountains.

The number of people seeking permission to climb Mt. Everest has dropped this year. Last year, 408 climbers took permission to climb Mt. Everest, but this year, 262 clients have taken permission.