NSC directs CAN to prioritize Men’s T-20 Cricket World Cup preparation than other events in USA

Kathmandu: The National Sports Council (NSC) has issued a directive to the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) urging the Nepali national team to dedicate their focus solely to their performance in the ongoing Men’s T-20 Cricket World Cup in the USA and the West Indies.

Expressing apprehension over the involvement of World Cup players in various “meet and greet” programs organized by Nepali communities, the NSC highlighted the potential distraction such engagements could pose to players’ training and preparation for the high-stakes tournament. Saroj Kumar Pokharel, Head of the Sports Development Department at NSC, communicated these concerns in a letter addressed to CAN.

In the missive, the NSC directed CAN to ensure that players refrain from participating in any events organized by external entities or organizations. Instead, the council emphasized the imperative for players to concentrate fully on their game and essential preparations.

Additionally, the NSC conveyed its best wishes to the Nepali cricket team, marking their historic second appearance in Nepali cricket history. The council extended hopes for the team to attain exemplary performance levels in the ongoing global tournament.