NRNs can apply for Nepali citizenship via embassy

Kathmandu: Non-resident Nepalis will be able to apply from abroad to get a certificate of non-resident Nepali citizenship.

The third amendment of the citizenship regulation made recently by the government has provided that non-resident Nepalis can apply from embassies or consulates abroad.

After a non-resident Nepali applies for citizenship, the Nepali Embassy or Consulate General must send the application to the concerned Chief District Officer within 15 days.

After receiving such an application, the Chief District Officer will have to identify the non-resident Nepalese by a Nepali citizen who knows them.

If the Chief District Officer has doubts about the foreign citizenship and passport submitted by the non-resident Nepali, s/he can ask the relevant embassy or consulate general to check the validity.

Before granting non-resident Nepalese citizenship, the chief district officer has to make the concerned person take oath regarding obeying the constitution and laws of Nepal.